The Perfect Pillow


“The storytelling is great…this is a great little bedtime read and a popular title with my little boy. He especially liked Colin and his turtle-shaped bed. “Wouldn’t it be funny if I slept in a boy-shaped bed, mommy?” he said after we read this book the first time. Most parents & kids will relate to the scenario of a difficult time sleeping and find the trip to the pillow store amusing in this cute, enhanced storybook app.”
- Carisa Kluver – review


“Bought this for my 2 yr old daughter and she loves it! She especially likes the roaring lion pillow, and she likes to go through it herself and make up her own version of the story. This is a cute, original story and it’s worth the $0.99. I really enjoyed the narration update, the voices for the different characters are great! Hope to see more stories about Colin Turtle soon!”
- Lisa Jimenez – App Store review


“My 3-year-old granddaughters loved this book on the Kindle Fire and played it over and over.”
- Ms. Ess – Amazon review


“The Perfect Pillow is a very sweet and engaging book. My grand daughter loves the story and enjoys interacting with the characters. The pictures are wonderful on my Kindle Fire and it’s easy to follow with the touch screen.”
- M. Thompson – Amazon review

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  1. K. Lamb
    May 08, 2013 @ 06:29:29

    Problems with Newborn Tracker App

    How can I share the information between Apple devices? How can I see a day to day log?


    • GP Animations
      May 08, 2013 @ 08:39:20

      Thank you for downloading the Newborn Tracker application. Unfortunately, this app was developed before Apple pushed data sharing over cloud services, so the data is tied to the device’s hard drive and cannot easily be transferred to other devices.

      The application automatically lists the entries in the order in which they were entered. For example, entries from May 7, 2013 will be on top, entries from May 8, 2013 will be on bottom. Unless you press the Edit button and rearrange the entries through drag and drop.

      There isn’t a log in particular of certain days, you’d have to go by the time listed, then tap on an entry to see the date. That should give you a good idea of the listings from that date. An example would be tapping on an entry that starts with 12:30am to see the date, say May 7, 2013 and then all following entries until 12am would be for May 7, 2013 as well.


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